Elevating Sedation Practices for Better Patient Care

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Introducing the groundbreaking SOSPOSA Online CPD Portal, designed to empower our active members with convenient and ongoing professional development opportunities. We are thrilled to launch this platform with our inaugural CPD offering: the SOSPOSA Stellenbosch 2024 Virtual Online Conference. Accessing this cutting-edge training is simple:

    1. Log in to your SOSPOSA account.

    1. Locate the “CPD” tab in the main menu.

    1. Select the course and complete the purchase.

    1. Engage with the video content, complete the accompanying questionnaire, and submit your responses.

Upon completion, you’ll instantly receive your HPCSA-approved CPD point certificate, marking a significant milestone in your professional growth. Embrace the future of learning with SOSPOSA’s Online CPD Portal, where excellence and convenience converge to elevate your career.



DATE: JUNE 15,  2024



COST:  R1950



We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming Stellenbosch Online Conference, an event not to be missed!

This virtual gathering brings together leading experts, innovators, and thought leaders from various fields to share their insights, experiences, and groundbreaking ideas. As a valued SOSPOSA member, you have the exclusive opportunity to attend this conference and expand your knowledge, network with like-minded professionals, and stay at the forefront of the latest trends and developments.

Don’t miss out on this incredible learning and growth opportunity. Register now and secure your spot at the Stellenbosch Online Conference.


Sosposa is excited to host a wine tasting event tonight in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. The event features Bartho Eksteen, a renowned winemaker from the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Located just 4 km from the Atlantic Ocean near the coastal town of Hermanus in the Walker Bay Wine Region, Bartho Eksteen’s picturesque wine estate benefits from the cool climate, which is ideal for wine production. The gentle southeastern breezes from across the bay create longer, cooler ripening seasons compared to most other South African wine regions, allowing the grapes to reach their full potential without the risk of heatwaves experienced inland. As a result, the wines produced by Bartho Eksteen are known for their excellent fruit elements, elegance, and long finish. During the tasting, Sosposa presents a variety of skillfully crafted wines, each offering a unique expression of the terroir and grapes. The Eksteens pay homage to Hermanus’ famous abalone industry by featuring an abalone shell on the logo of their Flagship and Signature wine labels, with a subtle abalone shell or mother of pearl shine in the background, further establishing their brand visually. Sosposa looks forward to sharing an unforgettable evening of wine tasting and exploration in Stellenbosch with her guests, featuring the exceptional wines of Bartho Eksteen.

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Dear SOSPOSA Members,

On behalf of the SOSPOSA Executive Committee (EXCO), I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support in voting to increase the annual membership fee to R1250. Your decision demonstrates your confidence in our organization and our mission to advance the practice of safe and effective sedation in South Africa.

We understand that any increase in fees can be a sensitive matter, and we greatly appreciate your trust in our ability to deliver value to our members. Your continued support enables us to invest in resources, educational programs, and initiatives that benefit our community of sedation practitioners.

Rest assured that the EXCO remains committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support. We will continue to work diligently to enhance the benefits of SOSPOSA membership, including:

1. Access to cutting-edge research and best practices in sedation
2. Opportunities for continuing professional development and education
3. Networking and collaboration with fellow sedation practitioners
4. Representation and advocacy for the interests of sedation practitioners at a national level
5. Resources and guidelines to help you maintain the highest standards of patient care

Your trust in our leadership is not taken lightly, and we will strive to ensure that your investment in SOSPOSA yields meaningful returns for your professional growth and the advancement of sedation practice in South Africa.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to SOSPOSA. Together, we will continue to shape the future of sedation and improve patient outcomes across the country.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We value your input and are always eager to hear from our members.

Warm regards,
SOSPOSA Executive Committee


8 Reasons to join SOSPOSA

Unlocking the Benefits of Joining SOSPOSA: Elevating Sedation Practices for Better Patient Care

Are you a dedicated medical professional seeking to enhance your expertise in sedation practices? Look no further than the Society of Sedation Practitioners of South Africa (SOSPOSA). As a distinguished organization comprising highly skilled and compassionate doctors, SOSPOSA is committed to promoting excellence in sedation practices, ensuring patient safety, and delivering exceptional care during medical procedures.

1. Connect and Learn at the SOSPOSA Annual Conferences

We are excited to announce our upcoming annual conference in Durban from 24-26 November 2023. The SOSPOSA Conference is a platform where experts in sedation practices from all over South Africa come together to share their knowledge and discuss the latest advancements. It’s an excellent opportunity to network, gain insights from fellow professionals, and stay updated with cutting-edge developments. Save the date and stay tuned for more details about this enriching event! #SOSPOSAConference #ExcellenceInSedation

2. Rigorous Training and Continuous Professional Development

SOSPOSA members take pride in their dedication to excellence. They undergo rigorous training and participate in continuous professional development to maintain the highest standard of care in sedation practices. Staying informed about the latest research and guidelines ensures that patients receive the best care possible, with a focus on safety and well-being. #PatientCare #SOSPOSA

3. Join a Supportive Network of Sedation Professionals

At SOSPOSA, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our community of highly skilled doctors is passionate about promoting excellence in sedation practices. By joining SOSPOSA, you become a part of a supportive network of professionals, where sharing experiences and insights is encouraged to advance the field collectively. #SOSPOSACommunity #ExcellenceInCare

4. Prioritizing Your Safety and Comfort

When you choose a sedation practitioner from SOSPOSA, your safety is our top priority. Our members are experienced and trained to administer sedation during medical procedures in a controlled and monitored environment. You can trust us to provide a comfortable and stress-free experience while ensuring your well-being throughout the procedure. #PatientSafety #SedationExperts

5. Specialized Care for Your Comfort

Searching for specialized sedation practitioners in South Africa? Look no further! SOSPOSA members are highly skilled and registered medical professionals who specialize in sedation practices. With their expertise, your comfort and care are in capable hands, making your medical experience more manageable and pleasant. #SOSPOSA #SpecializedCare

6. Embracing Sedation Advancements

SOSPOSA is at the forefront of sedation techniques and advancements. Our members stay updated with the latest research and best practices to provide you with the most effective and safe sedation experience possible. Rest assured, we utilize cutting-edge care techniques to enhance your well-being during medical procedures. #SedationAdvancements #CuttingEdgeCare

7. Anxiety Relief and Patient Comfort

Medical procedures can be daunting, but with SOSPOSA, you’ll find relief from anxiety and discomfort. Our members are trained to provide sedation in a controlled and monitored environment, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the procedure. Experience greater comfort and a relaxed state during your medical journey. #AnxietyRelief #PatientComfort

8. Trust in Excellence

SOSPOSA takes pride in promoting excellence in sedation practices. We believe in the continuous professional development of our members, ensuring they deliver the highest quality of care to every patient. When you choose SOSPOSA, you’re choosing a team dedicated to providing exceptional sedation experiences. #ExcellenceInCare #SOSPOSA